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Monday, November 1, 2010

It was the Great Pumpkin

And they made out like bandits!  The little guy was more content picking up sticks than trick or treating.  Whatever makes him happy!  But Ladybug had a blast.  With some inspiration from Fireflies and Family, Charlie Brown, and a little bit from Batman, here's what we did about her pesky peanut allergy...

Did you know that the Great Pumpkin comes to our house to swap unsafe candy for peanut free treats and toys?  Yep, he sure does.  We put all the candy she couldn't have into one of the trick-or-treating pumpkins.   We have one of those little flashing lights for kids to wear when trick-or-treating at night...and we turned it on and put it on the outside of the pumpkin.   How else would the Great Pumpkin know where to find us?  We put that candy filled pumpkin under a tree in the backyard.  It is almost unbelievable how fast he is!  He came and went within a half hour.  He swapped the candy for stickers, bracelets,  candy not processed on the same equipment as peanuts, and even an Olivia Christmas movie.  What a guy...er, pumpkin.

She was so much more excited about this than going trick-or-treating.   
I think we just might love the Great Pumpkin!

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Leigh said...

Cute!! I'm following back from Meet Me Monday. Thanks for stopping by!


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