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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

10 easy and fun things to do before summer ends {bucket list}

We are in our final two weeks of summer vacation, and we still have a few things left to check off our summer bucket list.  The great thing about this list is that they are all things you can do at home.  Here are 10 things to squeeze in before summer ends...

1. Cover the driveway (or sidewalk) in chalk pictures
We tried really hard to fill in as much of the driveway as we could.  You'll need a lot of chalk for this one.  

2.  Finish a whole coloring book
This one will be a bit of a challenge for my kids.  We've been working on a little bit each night.  

3.  Have fun with Glow Sticks
This should be easy! One day we tried taping glow sticks to the ceiling fan. Another time we turned off the lights and used the glow sticks to spell out words.  Whatever makes you happy.

4. Blow bubbles
Since my kids are getting older, this is something they wouldn't do unless it's on the list. Simple joys.

5.  Catch fire flies
What is summer without catching fireflies?!

6. Root beer floats
A different kind of summer treat.

7. Picnic
This one we will hopefully be checking off the list tomorrow!

8. Play in the rain
This was one of my favorite things to do as a kid!

9. Run in the sprinkler
We are all about playing in the pools, but you have run through sprinklers, too.  It's another summer must.

10. Make a Lemonade Stand
This one takes a little more work, but its still fun. We are planning ours for this weekend.

All of these ideas came off of our summer bucket list.  We made our list of things that we knew for sure we would be doing, or could easily be done at home.  Our list is almost completed.  

What was on your summer bucket list? 
What should we put on ours next year?


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