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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Strawberry Easter Egg Basket

I love this Easter basket.  
There's just something about strawberry baskets that's so sweet and girly!

I drew the "seeds" on the strawberries with a black sharpie.
For the leaves I traced and cut out a star on green card stock.  
The stem is a segments of a chenille stem poked through the center of the star, 
and all hot glued to the top of the egg.

I found this idea in the April Family Fun Magazine.

Edited: berry baskets found at Sweet Lulu
After Easter the ladybug can use this in her play kitchen.
Now I'm wondering what else we can turn plastic eggs into :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Jars

Well hello, Spring.  We have anxiously awaited your arrival. What better way to welcome it than with a garden fairy and gnome?

What we used to make these:
~pictures of your cute little munchkins
~bamboo skewers
~embellishments for the clothing and wings (scrapbook paper, twine, ribbon, paper flowers...)
~any other spring goodness you'd like to add to your jar

Here's what we did:

~Cut out a full body picture of your little munchkin.
~Use glue dots or other adhesive to add embellishments as cute fairy or gnome clothes

~Use a glue gun to attach part of a toothpick or bamboo skewer to the back of your fairy/gnome

 ~Stick your skewer into a small piece of styrofoam (I cut a large block of styrofoam into small pieces)
~Hot glue the styrofoam to the bottom of a jar
~Fill bottom of jar with moss and be sure to cover the styrofoam (helps if the styrofoam is already green!)


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