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Saturday, March 26, 2011

This Family Nest

This spring I am loving nests, birds, and butterflies.  
So it's no surprise I adore THIS family nest by sjEngraving on Etsy.  
It's on my wish list.  Hey hubs  - hint, hint :)

Until it's crossed off my wish list I've made my own version.   
I used some rocks I had left from THIS project and a white paint pen to write our initials on each rock. 

I like the idea of using rocks instead of eggs, because it doesn't seem like just Easter decor.  It's a nest you can keep out all year.  This could easily be varied to fit your liking!  You could write out full first names or use different color rocks for boys/girls or parents/children.   

By the way,
if you've been reading my blog you know I really want to learn to sew.
It's a goal I intend to reach by the end of the year.  Well, after much research and saving my "pennies for play" I finally purchased a machine of my own!!!
And look what arrived on my doorstep yesterday...


{I'm hoping what it says in the corner of the box is true!}


Unknown said...

Good luck!! It's frustrating and fun all at the same time but you can do it! :)


Marissa said...

wow, good luck :) LOVE your nest idea...SOOOO cute!


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