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Thursday, March 3, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Ideas

St. Patrick's Day doesn't usually get a lot of attention around here, but we do have a few fun things we've done. ( I'm not sure where I found these first couple of ideas from last year.) 

 Last year we made this cute pot of gold. We took a pot and painted it black, added some green Easter grass, and tucked in some pipe cleaners for the rainbow.  
We were trying to trick a leprechaun, of course, into believing it was a real rainbow and pot so he would leave his gold behind.  Look at all that gold he left!

That's not all he left behind in the morning!  
Check out the leprechaun footprints. 
{I used sugar crystals for cookies, but you could also use green glitter}

The ladybug made a leprechaun from a toliet paper roll.  
It's made with paint, construction paper hat brim and arms, and orange ribbon for the beard.

mmm...Lucky Charms.  My favorite childhood cereal. 
It's become our traditional St. Patrick's Day breakfast.  After seeing THIS idea at eighteen25, I think I want to do it too!

Then after dinner we had a yummy rainbow cake dessert.  
You can find it HERE, at Family Fun.
This year I think I'll make some easy yellow jello {pot of gold} found HERE

I made this shamrock dessert topper like others I have made. 
It might top our pot of gold dessert. 

I have one more St. Patrick's Day treat/favor to share with you in 
a future post, so be sure to check back for it!
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jamfiescreations1 said...

Cute stuff! Thanks for the nice comment.

Irish Italian Blessings said...

Very cute ideas! I just posted about some of mine but may have to add more. I LOVE the pot of gold with the leprechaun footsteps, my daughter would just die if she saw them. Too cute!

Katie said...

I love the jello idea, I could totally do that last minute!


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