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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Simple Pantry Fix

The wire shelves in my pantry drive me nuts.  
Everything falls over or falls through the wires.  
Just looks...sloppy.
 so...we took at trip to the Home Depot.  
We purchased thin, inexpensive wood...just needed it good enough to cover the shelves.  
I measured the pantry shelves beforehand and had them cut it at the store. 
{I love that they do that!}  
Total cost for the wood was $14.  
On a trip to Target I picked up a $5 roll of pretty contact paper.  
After covering the cut wood with contact paper the hubs put the wood across the wire shelves.  

For under $20 we have a pantry full of boxes and cans that stand upright!  Yay for the little things!
 {note my tiny helping hands}

Now that the shelves are more functional, it's on to the bigger dreams for my pantry!

These are some of my favorite ideas. 

Let's start with containers with labels...
... lots of neatly organized containers and baskets...

...and pretty paint, too

I LOVE this pennant touch!

I'm inspired.
Maybe soon I'll have another pantry update :)


Katie said...

Ohmigosh this is brilliant! I have the same kind of wire shelves all over my house and they drive me NUTS!

Anonymous said...

that is really a brilliant idea!! I hate that that happens too!!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous idea chickpea! I'm going to have to copycat this...my linen closets and bedroom closets have those same wire shelves.


Elsie said...

Looks awesome! Great idea!

Marty said...

Love it, love it...I have the exact problem in my pantry!!! I may have to do this one=)) Thanks for sharing the idea=)

Anonymous said...

That's fantastic! Love that the things don't fall over anymore.

Delightful Order said...

Thanks for the shout out on my pantry! Truly, it's appreciated!


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