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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Copycat Table Redo

We've had this little table from Ikea for a couple years now.  I never did anything with it beside covering the top with a patterned contact paper.  It was starting to look a little worn from tons of use by the ladybug and little guy.  After seeing Rachel's table redo over at Wild Whitney's I knew what to do with ours!

This was the before: 
(just imagine it with lots of little cheesy fingerprints, random paint drops, and a few marker scribbles.)

And the after:

I used our state map and covered it with clear contact paper to protect it from all those little messes in our near future :)  Check out Rachel's tutorial for full instructions.  

I love the look!


April said...

Love this! I just love maps-great job!

Rachel said...

Yours looks so great! I LOVE it! I'm sure your little ones do too!

Anonymous said...

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