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Monday, August 20, 2012

Tooth Fairy Visit

Last month she finally lost her first tooth!  This was HUGE for her.  She has watched friends and classmates lose teeth over the last year.  This has been a long...long...long wait.  When a tooth finally came out, grandparents were called...of course.  Until bedtime the tooth was safely placed on mama's dresser, and repeatedly checked on.  

For her this was an exciting, magical day.  
For me, it was a precious memory watching my little girl submerge in childhood magic and wonder.  

Finally, bedtime came and she was eagerly awaiting the tooth fairy, with the tooth fairy door set on her nightstand.

We read Silverlicious.  
Which is the most adorable tooth fairy book I have ever read. 

When morning came we discovered a trail of tooth fairy dust coming from the tooth fairy door. It was a path of tiny, shiny silver stars.  The little lady said, "She must be so beautiful."

In place of her tooth she found a gold dollar coin and an official tooth fairy coin.

The tooth fairy also leaves one beautiful bead in exchange for the tooth.  After loosing enough teeth, we'll have enough beads to make a pretty bracelet. 

 Tomorrow I'll share our tooth fairy passport.  
See you then!

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KC Coake said...

Oh my gosh! How totally fun and magical for your daughter! I have never seen anything like that cute door. I love the idea of the bead and making a bracelet from all the beads. Wish I had known about that...maybe we will have to start with my youngest as she has only lost 2 teeth so far. Great ideas...Thanks!

Jen Lossing, Artistic Abode Designs said...

This is a really cute idea! My children are not old enough to lose their teeth yet, but when they are I will definitely keep this in mind. I also love the bead idea for a bracelet instead of money. Something she can keep forever!


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