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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Children's Initial Art

Pinterest was overflowing with ideas for initial art like this, and it had been far too long since we finger painted.  So we did.

Step 1.)  I cut their initials in vinyl and stuck it on the thick cardstock.  

 Step #2  They painted.  
He took the whole hand approach...

 ...while she took the finger tip approach. Each artist has their own technique :)

 Step No.3)  After they dried I removed the vinyl and framed.

  I bought cheap dollar store frames and hung them on their bedroom doors.  You could paint the frames if you wanted, but I preferred the raw wood look.

have a happy, messy, crafty kind of day :)

1 comment:

Susan@Organized31 said...

Super simple. Super fun. Super cool result. I wonder if I can talk my teens into finger painting for me? :)


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