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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Homework Station - in progress {Back to School}

With school starting, I wanted to have a space set aside for homework (and crafting). A place where any supply can be found.  Including a pretty painted cork board for holding tools or papers.

After seeing this lovely painted cork board at the happy home blog, I remembered that I had an unused bulletin board in the basement.  Last summer I used it for our summer bucket list, but now it was just sitting empty waiting for an inspired project.  

I didn't have any painters tape on hand, so I used some washi tape I had.  Which worked well anyway! I started off measuring where to place the tape...got impatient...and started estimating distances.  

I think the white paint on the cork looks great.  Eventually I'd like to add a couple more boards around it in varying color shades.

Once the whole craft "room" is complete I'll share pictures of the whole space.  For now, this is just our homework station.  Set up with pencils, erasers, scissors, crayons, and this handy reference...

This first grade helper is from Fabulous in First.

I love that framed printable on the far right. It was a freebie from Blue Cricket Design.  It's a great reminder :)

Those papers that look like they're just hanging in the air are actually clipped up on this burlap covered board we made to display the kids art.

All these little elements are starting to make our space more functional. 


Unknown said...

Love it Jen! I have one in my craft room I need to spruce up. Im like you though, I would get impatient and estimate. Can't wait to see your finished space.

Kathleen said...

I love the cork board. I was going to do that in my classroom but I worried it would take too much time to measure it all out. I love to hear that you just estimated. Maybe I will give it a shot!



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