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Sunday, August 5, 2012

An American Girl Lunch

In honor of our little lady's approaching birthday, we went and had a lovely lunch at the American Girl Cafe in Chicago.  It was definitely a thrill for our little girl (and for this mama, too!).  We loved it so much that I had to share some pictures of our fun. 

The Cafe was so cute and girly.  

The ties around the napkins are little souvenir hair ties. 

Of course, there were booster seats and tea cups for the dolls.

The pink box of conversation cards on the table were a huge hit.

Silly girl.  Laughing while answering the questions.  

Even the food was cute!

The desserts...oh my. 

We had a fabulous time :)


Stone Cottage Adventures said...

'Sounds like a wonderful day! -Marci

Drew Watts said...

Wow, this American girl lunch party is absolutely amazing. I just had a great time watching these fun photos. At one of best San Francisco venues for kids’ parties I also hosted my daughter’s 5th birthday. She had enjoyed this day a lot with her preschool friends.


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