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Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall Fairy Wands...yum!

We made these last Fall, and they were so easy and fun that we did it again.  Just a simple way to make an ordinary fall day a little magical.

Gather up wax paper, chocolate for melting, fall-ish sprinkles, pretzel rods, 
and at least one eager little preschooler.

After melting chocolate, dip or spoon onto top 3/4 of pretzel rod.
Lay on wax paper.
Add sprinkles (the fun part) to your liking.

Chill in fridge.  And ta-da!  You have a delicious fall treat.  Fall Fairy wands!  Little guys would probably rather call them "magic wands".  Whatever you call them, enjoy.


carmen said...

Edible wands! Oh I love fall, mostly for the treats.

aumie said...

We make these for Christmas. Chocolate covered pretzels can always make a day better!

Marissa said...

FUN! We made these last year for my son's MDO teachers...cute and you're making me think we should probably make them again for the teachers this year :)

Kathleen said...

Cute AND yummy. I think these would make a neat little gift for teachers.
Thanks for sharing.


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