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Friday, February 4, 2011

Mini Love Bunting for desserts

Looking for something to top a Valentine cake? 
Let's add a little more cuteness to the dessert table!
Start with card stock, letter stamps, and baker's twine.
Do a little cutting and gluing...
You'll end up with a cute little paper bunting for your cake (or pie).


Liz said...

This is so cute! My MIL's bday is this weekend, maybe I'll make one for her!

Chelsie said...

Hey! I'm featuring this over on my blog. Let me know if that's not okay. Thanks!


Chelsie at sweetbabyhiccups.blogspot.com

Melanna said...

I have a soft spot for buntings on food. So cute!

Unknown said...

How cute is that! What a fun way to dress up a dessert!

Thanks so much for linking up to FFA!

Hannah @ http://youngancrafty.blogspot.com/

Teresa said...

Adorable...thanks for sharing

malia said...

ack! i love this... adorable

The Autocrat: Haley said...

Oh I love anything mini! You did a super fabulous job!

Melissa N. said...

So cute!

Katie said...

i cant think of anything else to say except: SO CUTE! :)

Amanda @ Frills and Frolic said...

LOVE your bunting ;) I found you through TT&J Linky Party!

I featured you today, and I would love for your check it out!



Anonymous said...

I love this mini-bunting! Great job! Just wanted to know I'm featuring you and this project in a guest post tomorrow at seekatesew.blogspot.com. One of 14 favorite ideas for Valentines Day! :)

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Ashlee Rolfson said...

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Barbara Nimmo said...

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