Thursday, September 19, 2013

halloween favors for school {WITHOUT candy}

i was hunting on pinterest for some fun ideas for candy-free halloween treats.  most of what i found was loads and oodles of ideas for creatively packaged candy.  
since i'm sure there are other mama's out there looking for ideas that don't include candy, i'm sharing my finds with you today.

so if your kiddos school has food-free parties, or you're just looking to avoid the extra sugar shock ;) here are some ideas for you...

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1.  Glow sticks
super inexpensive and useful while trick-or-treating later at night

ladybug's Teacher Files{includes printable}

Oink {includes printable}

2. Pencils
these are packaged too cute to pass up, and an inexpensive idea
Jill's Card Creations

Simple Flourishes


3. Book markers
i love this idea. especially for the early grades when they are starting to read chapter books.  hand make some to give to the class or print ones with Halloween themed jokes.   

healthy mama info

activity village

4. Play do
if there are any wheat allergies in the class it's best to pass on this idea.  if not, it would make a fun favor with a small cookie cuter included.  or let your kiddo dress up the outside of the can with construction paper.  

the idea room

5. Kid made craft
depending on their age, they might love making something to give to classmates.  ideas for this are limitless.  these are a few fun ones i came across...

skeleton necklaces

bread tag monsters

Martha Stewart

bat clothes pins

6. Pirates and Princesses
i love this one.  a halloween wand for the girls and a pirate patch for the boys. at some crafts stores you can find cheap wands for embellishing.  



7. Halloween Trinkets
bags of halloween favors are in every store.  package them with a small tag or pick a few favors to put in a baggie with a halloween bag topper.

Not just a mommy


8. Crayons with a coloring sheet
you can find an inexpensive bag of party favor crayons at any big box store.  print out and roll up a halloween coloring sheet to include with it.  you can get as creative as you want with this one.




9.  Fun Cups
last year i found set of 8 pumpkin cups in the Target dollar section.  this is another idea that can work for any cost range.



10.  Stickers and Tattoos
this is an easy one.  Target sells big bags of these, and they even come in a little box ready for handing out to classmates.
Oriental Trading

11.  Puppets
the younger ones would love these, and again, this can work for any price range.  making ghost hand puppets using white stretchy gloves, black felt, and a glue gun is the most inexpensive option. 

Sing of Sixpence


Mama Smiles

And a couple food-free treats for the teacher:

a roll of toilet paper with a tag that reads, "that's a wrap".
Who is Tracy

hand sanitizer with a tag that reads, "germs are scary".


have fun creating with your little ones this halloween 

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Jen said...

Hi! I noticed your blog on my Etsy shop stats and wanted to thank you so much for featuring my Halloween Poms! I love all the great ideas you came up with for Halloween and I'll be bookmarking your blog!

Wishing you a Happy Halloween and Fall Season!

Pretti Mini Party Goods

Andria said...

Hi...found you via Pinterest. Thanks for the FUN ideas!!

Marie said...

Thanks for featuring my Halloween puppets. I discount quantity orders for party favors or for school classroom parties.



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