Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hand print hearts

Don't you just love little hand prints?

{Well, unless it's orange cheeto hand prints all over your couch.}

There have been a few CUTE Valentine hand print crafts circulating around the blogospere.

These two caught my eye...

Adorable canvas made by Jenn at Clean & Scentsible

Sweet little heart by Jill at Meet the Dubiens

I kind-of put those two together and made these with my little munchkins.
Around the hand print heart it reads, "These hand will hold my heart forever."

The ladybug's:

The little guy's:
I love all those little hands.


Marissa said...

oh I'll be making these tomorrow :) JUST ADORABLE!!!

Jenn said...

Thanks so much for the shout out on my canvas! I love how simple {and cute!} yours are. I might just have to do these at my son's little preschool party on Friday. Very sweet!

jackfrosty said...

This sure tugs MY heartstrings!Great morph!

The Hoffers said...

Any tips for getting a 1 year old hand prints?

Jen @ EmbellishingLifeEveryday said...

To "The Hoffers" on tips for a one-year-old

I don't think I did hand print crafts with the little guy until recently. He's two now and pretty good about it because he sees his big sis doing it, too. Hmmm...so I guess with a one-year-old I would just try to be fast! Maybe have someone else do a handprint first while he watches.
You'll probably go through a lot of paper before you get a "good" print, but sometimes those messy ones are the sweetest :)


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