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Thursday, June 27, 2013

glow sticks to the rescue

thunderstorms can be scary for the wee ones.  
i'm sure some kiddos aren't bothered by them, but mine sure don't like them.  

the minute they hear thunder they look at me to reassure them that it's okay.  when those whopper storms come through they hold on to flashlights like security blankets.

we've had a lot of storms roll through lately.  a couple days ago our power went out for a bit.  the littles were super anxious.  

i dug into my stock pile of glow sticks...you know, the glow sticks you can find in the dollar section at target.  (i save them for summer fests and firework nights.)

we broke out about 3 tubes of glow sticks.  before long they were off having fun in the dark house.  they still stayed close to me, but at least they were distracted and having fun :)

making pictures and spelling out their names...

making roads for the little guy's monster trucks...

and it had been a long day of some seriously sweaty, dirty playing.  baths were a must.  glow sticks in the bath tub were a huge hit.  

now i have to restock our glow stick supply.
off to target tomorrow  ♥

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