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Friday, June 14, 2013

Fairy Garden

every year we plant a fairy garden.  
it's one of those must do 's on my list.  

even if the kids aren't as excited about it one year, i still do it. 
  it's an excuse for us grown up girls to enjoy a bit of that long since gone childhood magic.

the kids always get in to it at some point anyway, and they're always disappointed when the garden begins to fade away. 

i wish i could get them to thrive and last a little longer.

i do not have a green thumb.  i wish i did, but my plants almost always die sooner than they should.  

i feel bad when a pretty potted something comes in my home.  i know it's chances of survival aren't good.  

this year i tried succulents.  i thought they were supposed to be hardy and might survive me.  

Time will tell...

last year i was so bummed when our garden bit the dust.  i made a fake one with Styrofoam and sheet moss to last us all year.  

when our garden dies (as it inevitably will) we will have this back-up piece of happiness to pull out ;)

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