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Friday, December 30, 2011

Ringing in the New Year

Woo hoo! Party all night!

Um, kinda.

We actually keep it pretty low key on New Year's Eve.

really low key

In other words...

...we're all asleep before midnight.


 Last year I told the ladybug that she could stay up as late as she wanted.  

She asked to go to bed by 9pm.  We like our sleep :-)

While checking out pinterest I came across this fun idea from How Does She? for the kids.  I found similar idea at The Dating Divas.
On each hour they pop a balloon (or open a bag) with a fun activity inside.  

How fun is that?!  
What a great way to celebrate during the day, especially if you're in bed before the ball even drops!

I was inspired.  So I planned out some activities to do with the kids, too.  
We made it in checklist form on our chalkboard.  

The last activity is at 9, because I don't think they'll make it past then.  
If they do I'll improvise.

I've got a couple things I want to add to the list yet, but you get the idea.  It doesn't really matter what the activity is, as long as it's something the kids will like!

Happy New Year!

1 comment:

Laurie said...

I always told the kids it was midnight... in New York or London.


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