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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Penny Art (and other randomness)

Well hello there!

I really have not been posting many projects lately.  
Sometimes lots of little things in life just get you busy or just plain distracted.  
That's how it's been for me these last weeks anyway.  
I need to get my creative mojo back.

Anyhoo, the little guy is potty training this weekend.  So I thought I'd share a couple of things that I think are super cool for potty training.  We use The Potty Training Boot Camp book.  It worked well for the ladybug so I'm hoping it works for the little guy too.  We use The Potty Watch, which is also pretty cool.  We set it to go off every 30 minutes so he knows when it's "potty time." 
 Do you have something that worked well for you?  Would love to hear your thoughts...

I'm also working like crazy on some things for an upcoming craft show and for my shop.  In the next week I'll be adding Thanksgiving tags, Christmas tags, more mini albums, and chalkboard labels to the shop.  
I'll keep you updated.

Now, on to the project... :-)

Years and years ago, before she passed away, my Grandma gave me her wheat penny collection.  Even after giving sets to my cousins, there were still lots of these pennies left.  They've been sitting in a box...until now. 


I hot glued some of them (there's still tons left for more projects!) into a frame matted to 5x7 size.  I like that this piece of wall art is kind of meaningful to me.  I remember finding wheat pennies when I was young and bringing them over to my Grandma's house for her. 
I felt like I was bringing her treasure...silly kid.

The last penny in the bottom right is a steel wartime wheat penny.  I think that's pretty cool. 

I am slooowly getting pictures and art together for a gallery wall in our stairway.  
This piece of penny art will be in that collection for sure.

See that pile of frames waiting to be hung?  
They're all for the gallery that will be on that chocolate colored wall. 
The Singing  Butler picture will come down and I'll find another place for it.  

Here are some other crazy cool things I've seen people make with pennies.  

Remember seeing this penny floor?

Penny counter top...


Enjoy your weekend!  

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Crafty Mischief said...

This is so cute! Thanks for the inspiration. At first I thought it was a lamp shade. Now the wheels in my head are turning! :)

Marissa said...

oh wow, very cool! Just showed my hubby the penny art and he'd like to do that to the top of his garage workbench...cool huh?

THANKS for all of the inspiration!


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