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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fall Inspiration (and a few words mixed in too)

Source:  Delia Creates via Pinterest
Pretty Autumn Wreath...I'd love this on my door.

source: myldstemple on Etsy via Pinterest
For those days when you wonder if you could have handled something a little better or a little different.  

Aren't these lanterns pretty?

My little guy loves Despicable Me, so this makes me smile.
source: ThinkGeek via pinterest

These are just stinking adorable.

Cute little pumpkin pom pom

source: pinterest
I've learned that sometimes you have to cut the negative from your life and move on.

source: theParchmentPlace on Etsy via pinterest
This is my plan for today :-)


Mayra Rivera said...

Great inspiration Jenny, I love the "Let go and move on"...every season, it's a chance for a new beginning! Happy Fall to you!

Tammy said...

Minions!! Yes!!! LOL Thanks for giving me a laugh :)


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