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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mini Book Gift

We just celebrated a 60th birthday in our family. 
The four of us all contributed to this mini book gift.  

This idea was totally inspired by the 52 Reasons book.  
It's "60 Things That Make You Pretty Great."

I used my Cinch binding machine to put this book together.  


I used mostly THIS awesome set of 7 gypsies stamps to number each page. 

We all contributed to filling out the book.  The hubs did great filling in a lot of the pages.  
The ladybug and little guy drew pictures. 

I added in some pictures throughout the book.

I really liked how it turned out.  I especially love that we ALL had a part in making it.  
We may be whipping up some of these for Christmas gifts!
{Insert panicking husband here}

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Grammy Goodwill said...

I know that was a much appreciated gift. I had a similar idea when my sister-in-law turned 60. I wanted to write 60 reasons and put them in a box. I started them and also started a scrapbook of family memories. I finished the scrapbook and forgot all about the other. I found the half filled box in my craft room the other day. Maybe I should save them for her 70th birthday.

Wendy said...

Great idea! I'm sure the person on the recieving end will spend a lot of time reading & re-reading all the entries. What a nice gift to make someone feel special!

Katie said...

Always love a collaborative project, what a special gift!


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