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Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Crafty Mom and Her Valentine Chair Backers

When I saw Valentine chair backers floating around last year I SO wanted some for the munchkins.  
I can't sew.  My mom is a whiz on the machine.
So she kindly agreed to help me out. (by help I mean she did it all)
{I don't have tutorial on this, but if you do go ahead and post it in the comments.}
EDIT:  I found the tut we used!!  Here at Our Scoop
 Aren't they cute?
 One for the little guy and one for the ladybug.
 Even the inside is cute!
 My mom is one crafty lady!  When we were little she made all our Halloween costumes.  My absolute favorite was Rainbow Brite.  She made baby blankets for my little guy and ladybug.  She even sewed goody bags for some of our parties! {Thanks again, mom!}

I'm not really a resolution making kind of girl (mostly because I never keep them).  But, this year I do have a goal to reach before December.  I am going to learn to sew.  I'm not going to be making clothes or bedspreads or anything...let's not reach for a miracle.  I just want to be able to sew a banner together and maybe a little sewing on my scrapbook pages. Just the little stuff.  

{Putting this goal in print makes it official!}  ;-) 


Marissa said...

SOOO cute! I need her to come and make me some snowmen for Christmas next year...LOVE those!

Kim's Treasures said...

Those are soooo cute! I'm trying to learn to sew too! You're lucky to have your mom to show you the ropes! Good luck!

Suzanne said...

Hi Jenny, found you while searching for Valentine's Day crafts!

Loving all your ideas!

Suzanne's Blog-Share The Wonder {blog}

SewHappyGeek said...

You should totally learn to sew! You'll be so glad you did!
I taught myself how to sew about 18 months ago with a cheap sewing machine and Diana Rupp's S.E.W. Sew Everything Workshop book and it is still one of my best sewing books! Plus it came with lots of really cute patterns I actually used, and recently my sis used the same book and now she sews like a whiz too! If you get stuck you can always email me!
Best wishes! And I love the blog :)

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

These are so cute! I need to make some :)

Anonymous said...

I think the hardest part of sewing is rethreading all the time and then doing the bobbin. But now I've done it enough that I'm kind of OK with it . . . you'll be fine. You will graduate from banners and scrapbook pages to pillows in no time.

Love your blog and your cute projects.

The Iowa Farmer's Wife said...

What a talented mom!!! These are adorable. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I linked up my project! I'll be back next week!


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