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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Setting a Leprechaun Trap

Every year we have grand plans for catching a little Leprechaun. This year is no different.

Here's how we made our trap this year :)

We used an empty large yogurt container and cut a hole in the lid.

We covered the hole with green tissue paper so the Leprechaun falls through when he stands on it.

We decorated the container to make it look less suspicious ;) 

We know Leprechauns can not resist gold, so that's what we are using to lure him into our trap...of course.

He needs a ladder to get up there. 
They are tiny, after all.

In the morning we will hopefully have caught one.

Starting St. Patrick's Day off with a bowl of Lucky Charms is kind of a tradition.

Maybe if we aren't lucky enough to find a leprechaun in our trap, we will at least find a couple little pots of chocolate gold.

We wish you a day filled with good luck, too.

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