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Saturday, February 8, 2014

How to Make Window Hearts {Kids Craft}

We had four "polar vortex" days off school in January.  
We used that time to hide inside and create pretty things.
These hanging hearts look so pretty hanging in the sunlit window.
They make great Valentine gifts, too.
Here's what we used:

~clear contact paper
~little hearts (punched from paper, confetti, whatever you have on hand)
~fishing line, yarn, or ribbon for hanging

I tried using a heart shaped paper punch (Martha Stewart punch) on tissue paper.  So did not work, and the tissue paper just ripped.  Instead, I hand cut a few tissue paper hearts to add to the mix.  We mostly used ones punched from cardstock.  

We started by taping the contact paper to the table with the sticky side up.

They dropped the hearts and glitter on the contact paper.  This is the fun part :)  

When they were done, I put another sheet of contact paper on top to "seal" their arrangement.  Then I cut hearts from it, punched a hole in the top of each heart, and added something to hang it with.

If you are going to hang them in a window it looks best with fishing line.  
I think we've made about 10 of these.  They are so easy and pretty :)

Happy creating :)

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