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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

random bits and pieces of summer 2013

well hey there all!

the last half of this summer really flashed by.  there's been lots i've wanted to share here, but didn't have time.
so here's some random moments from our life the last month. =)

i can't find this version anymore, but they love this road tape!  they play on this for hours.  there are similar ones on amazon.

who knew throwing some googly eyes and chenille stems in the mix makes playdo even more fun ;)

i LOVE this picture.  they were waiting for a wave.  on this particular day the waves were huge, and a ton of fun.

so i love all holiday decor, but did anyone else notice that stores were full of fall decor in the middle of the summer?!  secretly, i don't mind...it's fun to look :)  on this day while browsing Michael's, the little lady tells my little guy, "you know those pumpkins they sell here?  well they grow in all these leaves, and then they take them out to sell."  of course, he had to check in there for growing pumpkins.  my little sillies.

mmm...zucchini bread.  i will have to share the recipe in a post soon.

the little lady had a sweet shop birthday party with family.  we used my chalkboard labels on the candy jars.


there was tons of serious furry bonding going on this summer.

the hubs had just gotten back from a weekend camping trip with guys.  so the little guy decided to play pretend camping by taking as much stuff as he could carry from his room, to the couch.  "what are you doing, Nate?"  "i'm camping on the couch."  oh, of course you are.  

it was sooooo exciting to watch them break ground on our new house.  

School for the little lady started mid August, while the little guy just began this week.

to celebrate going back to school we made edible chalkboard dessert.  delicious and crazy cute!  i found the idea in  Family Fun magazine.

this was a glimpse of our last month this summer.  tomorrow i'm posting something sweet that i'll be adding to my shop.  

happy creating ♥

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*MaRy* said...

It is all sooo cute!!!

Would love some info about the gumball machines!



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