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Friday, June 1, 2012

It's been awhile...

So I haven't been posting much...at all.  
I'm hoping I'll come up with something fabulous to share soon, but for now I'm just doing lots of copycat crafting.

I've also just been taking time.  

Life is short.  Moments are precious.

So I'll post occasionally when I have something to share, and will not longer be hosting the link party.   On my Inspiration page you will find loads of fabulous link up parties, so check them out. :)


Unknown said...

I think link parties are time consuming and why we do them I ask myself everyday. Life is too short and kids grow up too fast. You know what, it's ok to have copycat crafts! I hope you are enjoying your time :)

Janet said...

You are right, time is precious and kids grow up so fast. Enjoy your summer! :)


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