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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Preparations

The ladybug is quick to remind me that the Easter bunny will be here in just a few days.  Funny how she can remember that, but forgets to put her pj's in the hamper after getting dressed.  
Just sayin'.

So did you know you can mail plastic eggs?  Well I didn't until I saw it on Making Memories with Your Kids.
Last week we sent some to out of state cousins.  How fun would it be to see an Easter egg in your mail box? 
The Easter bunny kindly sent some to our kiddos too.

Don't get me wrong, we love the bunnies, eggs hunts, and baskets full of candy at Easter, but as the ladybug gets a little older I want to put more meaning into it.  Real meaning.

She's at the perfect age for this cross craft we did with oil pastels.  When she saw what the colors did when she rubbed her finger across them, she thought it was the coolest thing!

You can find out how to make one at Housing a Forrest. 

 I had never heard of an Easter garden until about a week ago, but I think it's the best idea for an indoor Spring garden ever!  Next year we'll plant it sooner so that the grass will hopefully grow in by Easter.

Even without the grass, I think it looks pretty.

You can find directions for making your own at We are That Family

Another thing I had never heard of until a couple weeks ago was Resurrection eggs.  As you read the story of Easter, you open these eggs that have items inside that relate to the story.  The ladybug LOVED this.  She was even able to tell me the whole story herself just by opening each egg and recalling what the item meant in the story.

This egg set you can find HERE.

And Easter prep just would not be complete without eating one two three green pastel chocolate buttercream eggs.  
An absolute favorite of mine since I was a kid.

What are you preparing for Easter?

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