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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Great Boat Float

We're knocking things off our summer bucket list to the left and right! 

We made our boats by covering empty lemonade cartons with colored duct tape.  
Don't you love that they make colored duct tape? 
I think it's pretty awesome.

 Scrapbook paper and straws make the sails. 

With their boats in hand we walked down the street to the pond.  The little guy was so anxious to see his boat float that he tried to throw it into the pond before we even reached the waters edge.  
Silly boy.

And they're off!

They loved watching their boats sail around the edge of the pond.  Well, until the little guy's boat capsized and sank.  Next time we'll make extra boats.

HERE is where I found the instructions for making a milk carton boat.

Are you making your way through your summer list?

1 comment:

Amanda Joy Petersen said...

So fun! I need to try this with our kids and take them to the local pond


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