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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wooden Spool Hidden Message

Here's another little Mother's Day idea...
Wooden spool messages!
My mom has always been crafty, usually with a sewing machine.  So I thought she'd appreciate this little handmade message.

The letters are stamped onto the fabric. 

I couldn't resist making a tiny one also.

I loved this idea when I first saw it on Greenbean's Crafterole.

Then I did alittle looking around for other wooden spool crafts.
Here is some of what I found:

Linking here:


cherished bliss said...

What an adorable idea!! So sweet and thoughtfull : )

Marissa said...

what great ideas...so special too!

greenbean said...

oh my gersh!...yours came out adorable!...love it!...


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