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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Gift ideas inspired by Father's Day

  I didn't post any of the gifts we made in case the hubs happened to check in on the blog. 
Since Father's Day has come and gone, I thought I'd share some of the things we did. 

Especially because these would make good gifts for birthdays, too.  

These ideas all came from other inspiring bloggers!

 Last summer I saw pictures like this floating all around the blogosphere. 

If you did a picture collage like this go ahead and link to it in the comments.

 I loved this Father's Day questionnaire from Yesterday on Tuesday.  
I liked it so much that I posted about it on Facebook.  I think this is something we'll do each year.  

Loving her response to his weight and height.  
According to the ladybug her daddy is 2 feet tall and 34 pounds.  
So precious.  

This would make a sweet grandparent gift also!  
*Think Christmas!*

Paper Vine linked this sweet gift idea up at the Craft Catwalk a few months ago.  
I knew I'd be making one of these eventually!  
It's a deck of cards turned into a mini album that holds 52 reasons I love the hubs.   

These little feet are shrinky dinks!  I had no idea they even still made Shrinky Dinks!  I found them on Amazon, but when I was in Michael's the other day I saw them there, too. (Grab a 40% off coupon and pick a pack up for only a couple dollars!)  
This idea and the poem came from one of my favorite teaching tots blogs, No Time for Flashcards.  
Just trace those little feet on the shrinky dinks and bake!  

Any of these gifts can be altered and used for other occasions.  

{And keep on linking...the Craft Catwalk is open until Wednesday morning!}

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Father's Day idea

The hubs loves poker.

So for Father's Day I started something two years ago that has already become a tradition.

Every year (Okay, it's only been two years, but I think doing something even just two years in a row qualifies as a tradition.  Right?) I take a picture of the kids in a mock poker scene for daddy's day.

It's a little photo we include with his gift.
I turned this picture into a set of playing cards at Shutterfly.

hmm...what does she have? 
This set of pictures was the first year we did this. 
The little guy was only 6 months old. See that blanket bump behind him?
That's my mom trying to hide and hold him upright.

You can go all out with something like this if you wanted to, by setting up the whole scene in the background.
I had major back issues for months after the little guy's birth, so I did what I could at the time.

This would be fun to do a sports or grilling scene, too.

I'm running behind this year, but I plan to get their pictures done this week. 
Fingers crossed.  

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